Our Sideshow Alley amusement vans are equipped with a variety of games. Our attractions will add another dimension to any event. All our vans come with qualified mature operators to run the fun.

Always a hit with the kids, especially the littlies. They are drawn by some sort of invisible force to play, most importantly, every body wins a prize. No time limit applies.

FLOATING LUCKY DUCKS: You catch which ducks contain the BIG-PRIZES!!! Again, every player receives a stuffed toy. The idea of the game is, the floating Ducks are caught with a fishing rod with a magnet attached and no time limit applies..

WATER BLASTER: Interactive game where water canons shoot down medieval knights, wicked witches, court jesters, and saves the fair damsels in distress. Water CANNOT be squirted over innocent bystanders.

PING-PONG VOLCANO: An active volcano spewing out numbered ping-pong balls, children and adults alike, reach in with a small fishing net, collect 5 balls, add them up and receive a prize commensurate with the score. No time limit applies.


LUCKY NUMBERS: Loved by adults who don’t go on rides. The event and the “Endeavour Foundation” both share in the commission fee. Huge prizes won instantly.