We offer 5 unique Sideshow Alley amusement vans of varying games. If one of our amusement vans is already booked for another venue on that date, we will supply another amusement van of equal fun.

Our amusement vans are similar in interest and splendour (but different). Kids love them. Often when we arrive, they follow us like the pied piper. Our Guarantee “EVERY CHILD WINS A PRIZE”. We also allow siblings to share a game. If the parents say that they can only afford one game, we usually give both the children a prize.

All of our equipment was mechanically and electrically built under strict supervision and are maintained on a weekly basis. All equipment is also checked prior to starting on the day of the event. “Murphy’s Law”

All our amusement vans are self contained inside and professionally painted and highly cartooned. We do not use canvas tents, due to the safety issues. We have spared no expense to make our Sideshow Alley amusement vans hi profile looking to make your event look very professional and in turn profitable.

We also provide $3.00 Lucky Dips, which we believe to be the best value dips in the whole world and also the very popular Ribbon Sticks. These serve as extra entertainment and prizes. Children come to our amusements to test their skills while having a load of fun and to take home a prize that they have won to remember to the great day they had. They don’t come to look at cake stalls, buy pottery or learn about knitting.

Our Sideshow Alley amusement vans are double ended and contain a variety of 2 attractions per van.