Sideshow Alley

Having Fun using The Water Racer Game
Water Racer game

No fete, festival or family fun day is complete without sideshow alley games.  This helps create the atmosphere and vibe providing the fun for the those who don’t want to go on rides or want a break from the rides.

They are also fantastic for other celebrations where rides and amusements are not suitable.  Maybe you are after something a little smaller, something to light up and create atmosphere.

Maybe some entertainment for teenagers and children while parents are doing other things at an event.

Everyone likes the thrill of winning and this is ultimately what sideshow alley provides.

When it comes to sideshow alley games, the most popular attractions are the laughing clowns, water racer and the lucky ducks, followed by balloon burst and nerf blaster gallery.

For most events 2 or 3 sideshow games is ideal.  For large events 4 to 5 different sideshow games may be more suitable.

Create your own sideshow alley line up for your next event from this popular selection or contact us if you are after a particular game.

Laughing Clowns

A traditional favourite and the most popular of All Sideshow games suitable for all ages. The 4 laughing clowns come in a purpose-built caravan. Each player gets 5 balls that are put into the clown’s mouth one at a time. The balls come out into different slots numbered 1-6. At the end of the game, the slots that the balls are in are added together to get a total score between 5 and 30. This is a game of skill and timing as the laughing clowns slowly rotate back and forth. Total numbers that are the most difficult to get such as 5 and 30 have the highest value prize while lower probability scores receive lower value prizes. All players do however win a prize.
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Water Racer Game

Water Racer Game The second most popular sideshow game is the water racer.  One of only two mobile water racers in Australia and the only high tech digital unit of its kind in the world situated in a purpose built caravan suitable for ages 3+. The water racer carnival game operates with 1, 2 or 3 racers.  The idea is to either race against the clock yourself trying to get to the top in the allotted time or race against your friends, family or anyone else where the winner takes the top prize.  Every racer gets a prize though. This is a water racer carnival game where you’ve just got to squirt the water at the target, however accuracy and quick reflexes will get you to the top. A game to test how quick your reflexes are, how accurate you can squirt the water and how competitive you are.
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Lucky Ducks Game

Lucky DucksAnother side show favourite suitable for all ages, is the lucky duck carnival game.

This game involves a rectangle or round pond filled with fresh water and many floating ducks.

Each duck has a number on the bottom.  If the number on the bottom corresponds with one of the winning numbers you win a plush toy or similar prize. Players are given a fishing rod with a magnet on the end to fish out their ducks.  

The lucky duck game is all about probability however everyone still wins a prize. Just some bigger than others.

Balloon Burst Game

Balloon Burst gameA large number of coloured balloons are placed into compartments in the large balloon burst cabinet.  The idea is to pop as many of a particular colour as possible. The more you burst the bigger the prize.

The dart tips sit behind each balloon, all the player has to do is throw small beanbags at the balloons to pop them making it safe and fun game for anyone to play. Every player pops a balloon it’s just a matter of how many and what colour.

The balloon burst game is suitable for any age that can throw a small beanbag, generally 3 years old and above.

Nerf Battle

The Most High Powered Nerf Game in Australia. We use special build blasters that fire non-standard darts at over 140 feet per second.

A next level family fun game that is out of this world.  Perfect for corporate events or office parties let alone sideshow alley.

Up to 5 players at any one time.  The more targets hit, the bigger the prize.  Even hitting one target gets a prize with the nerf blaster game. Compete against others to win the top prize or work as a team so everyone wins the best prize possible.  Suitable for ages 8+.


This is another sideshow alley favourite with a difference.  This is a game of skill not strength. Standing nearly 4 metres tall, the striker comes with a hammer or mallet. Simply hit the red dome with the right amount of force and watch the lights travel up the tower and stop.  Where the lights stop indicates whether you win, loose or hit the jackpot. Hit it hard and the player loses. A lighthearted fun game for guys and girls especially those who are a little competitive. This is a more fun interactive game where players play over and over again trying to hit the dome with just the right amount of force to win. The striker has nothing to do with strength but more about precision and control where the strongest doesn’t win.

The striker is suitable for any age who can hold the hammer.

Basketball Toss

A game of skill and accuracy. How good are you at shooting hoops? All you have to do is get the ball through the hoop as many times as you can. The more times you do the greater the prize.

Great for basketball players or those backyard players who love to shoot hoops. An all-round fun game.

This game is suitable for anyone who can throw a basketball.

Dunk Tank

A game where someone is going to get completely wet, its just a matter of when and how often. This all depends upon how accurate the players are at throwing a ball and hitting the target. If they hit is someone is falling in.

Dunk Super Soaker

A fun popular game and a great alternative to the dunk tank. Instead of falling into water the game has a tipping bucket that can be filled with water, colour liquid or slime. We can even fill the bucket with foam balls so no one has to even get wet or with a few drops of water that barely wets someone’s head. Great for winter or cooler days.

A great game for wetting the teacher, principle, boss, coach or friends.

How many times someone gets wet depends upon how accurate the players are at throwing the ball.

Plus many more to choose from!